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Hi, welcome to Same Skincare!

We love premium skincare, but we don't love the price. So we created a line of skincare that has all the same ingredients as our favorite products without the premium price tag. You're welcome. 

We researched the best products and the best ingredients, then went straight to the source - the same suppliers who make products for your favorite brands. And voila! luxury skincare dupes. 

Same Skincare was built for you, so we want to hear from you - join our community and tell us what you’d like us to make next. Together, let's democratize skincare - at last. 

About our Dupes

Skincare dupes are products with very similar ingredients and properties to other more popular and well-known products. Dupes help skincare lovers find alternatives to products that are too expensive or overhyped, making quality skincare available to more people - about time, right? 

Founded by two girls who work in tech, we created an algorithm to help us find product dupes by comparing product ingredients and attributes. Then we went straight to the source: the suppliers. We work directly with the same formulators, labs and manufacturers as some of the biggest brands in the game to develop, test, and produce our (soon-to-be) award-winning dupes.

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