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As consumers, we've been conditioned to believe that premium pricing equals better products and better results. This is not actually true. At Same, we've cracked the code on producing similar - if not exactly the same - formulations as your favorite luxury skincare at a fraction of the cost. 

We believe beautiful skin can be attainable. 
SAME ingredients. SAME results. 
It's the SAME
Same envisions a world in which beauty is attainable and accessible. 

How? The truth is, the price of luxury products is driven up by product development costs, marketing, and packaging. Because products are already developed, we can pass on that cost savings in the form of replicas, sometimes called dupes or generics. 

By keeping our packaging to a minimum and with streamlined marketing, we are able to pass cost saving to our consumer. 

We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients and certified organic when it's an option. We choose the most sustainable option in both ingredients and packaging.