How it Works

so how exactly do we make premium skincare at lower prices?

  • Step 1: Identify

    for collection 01, we started with our favorite products - our go-to's that we used daily. we also asked our friends about which products they use and love. collection 02 will be crowdsourced - join our community to help us decide.

  • Step 2: Shop Suppliers

    next, we take our product ideas to vetted manufacturers, who usually have a dupe already in private label. you'd be surprised how many of the products you use and love are simply rebranded and marked way up by the brand.

  • Step 3: Improve

    lastly, we then take a serious look at the ingredients list of our products to see what we can improve. can we add hyaluronic acid or organic ingredients? should we add or remove a fragrance? yes, we can and yes, we do.

  • No Brand Tax

    luxury brands spend millions on marketing - advertising, celebrity endorsements, glossy photoshoots, red carpet events, etc. we stripped all of this out to give you the best product at the best price possible. so no, you won't see us on the cover of vogue. afterall, we think you are the real stars - shine bright!

  • Efficient Research & Developement

    because our products are inspired by existing ones, we dramatically reduce the cost of research and formulation development. we do this by working direclty with the same manufacturers, labs, and formulators as some of your favorite brands to create our luxe skincare products at a lower cost.

  • Simple & Sustainable Packaging

    do you know how much you're paying for all that fancy product packaging that you end up throwing away? we do - and it's alot. so we scraped it and went with simple designs and reusable packaging that is also recycleable. mother earth will thank you, too!

  • Pass on the Savings

    we believe in making luxury skincare accessible and pass as much savings onto you as possible. whether it's cutting costs by simplifying packaging, or doing less marketing, we let you know. And when we save, you save. together, let's save the world.

Join our Community

want a say in which products we dupe next? we're all ears! join our community to help us decide which products to make next, be part of our r&d team, get sneak peaks of products before they drop plus access to tools, education and special offers.

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What about Pricing?

we believe in pricing transparency - and not charging you more than is absolutely necessary. While there are some costs that are difficult to calculate, like product development, marketing, and design, we want to show you the real costs of each product.

Sustainable Packaging

we love a pretty package, but we have opted to pare down our packaging to reduce waste. 

our glass containers are recyclable. we use pet for our plastic containers because it's one of the few plastics actually recycled. our organic bags are compostable and use water-based inks. our shipping boxes are plain and not printed. 

Our Promise To You

we use the highest quality ingredients and choose certified organic fruit and plant ingredients when it's an option. we always opt for the most sustainable option available. we are transparent in our pricing and pass savings on to you. we are constantly working to improve our products.

our products are proudly:
sulfate free | paraben free | mineral oil free | formaldehyde free | gluten free | cruelty free | dye free | made in usa | sustainable packaging | contain organic ingredients