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inspired by summer fridays jet lag mask ($67), ours is priced 50% less and formulated with organic ingredients.

this one's for all the sleepyheads out there looking for powerhouse, 2-in-1 products to do the heavy lifting while we dream of a world where woman have equal rights. we took the best of two of our favorite products and smooshed them into one to create night cream 01. imagine your favorite night cream, but made even better with added vitamins A and E and certified organic fruit and plant ingredients. you'll wake up ready to conquer the world - and feel good doing it. 

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Price $36 $67
Hyaluronic Acid X X
Glycerin X X
Sake X
Cucumber Extract X X
Retinol X
Panthenol X X
Vitamin A X
Vitamin E X X
Green Tea Extract X
Chamomile + Calendula X
Spirulina X
Hops Extract X
Apple Extract X
Certified Organic Ingredients X

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