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Colloidal Gold is rich in antioxidants and helps protect skin from environmental factors and neutralizes free radicals. It penetrates deep into the skin and helps carry other ingredients deeper, increasing their efficacy. Colloidal gold has also been shown to increase skin renewal and regeneration.

Hyaluronic Acid is produced naturally by the body, keeping joints moving smoothly, hydrating skin, and keeping skin flexible. As a skincare ingredient, it draws moisture from the air and helps protect and moisturize skin.

Glycerin helps skin retain moisture and has antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Caffeine doesn't just wake you up - it can wake your skin up too! As a topical ingredient, caffeine improves skin circulation and reduces puffiness, making skin look brighter and tighter.

Calendula is a fragrance-free skin soother and redness reducer.

Chamomile is an antioxidant rich skin soother. Imagine the calming feeling you get drinking a cup of chamomile tea, now imagine that for your skin.

Cucumber its high water content soothes your skin and keeps it hydrated. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce puffiness.